Carpet roll - Classic 16 plain
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Size (L x W x H) 305 mm x 3980 mm x 5 mm
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Benefit of Installing Carpet Roll (Broadloom Carpet):
Broadloom is the traditional and still most popular choice of carpeting in corporate flooring, and it comes with many design options, including patterns, colors, even mosaics — nearly limitless aesthetic possibilities. Since broadloom is installed over a carpet pad, it can look great even if your substrate has minor imperfections. Quality broadloom that comes with a moisture backing offers superior stain resistance, and seams can be hidden well using chemical welding. Certain broadloom with the right underlay material can be used to create a softer and plusher feel than carpet tile allows. Broadly speaking, you’ll find broadloom carpets are less expensive than carpet tiles.

Carpet roll - Classic 16 plain
Standard width size: 13 feets
Maximum length per roll: 98.4 feets


Price: RM1.80 /sqft
3.98m x 0.305m = RM23.40 /feet


1 quantity = 1 feet (13 sqft)


*We have a lot more choices for design & spec selection. Please ask for design & spec which suit you.
*Available for custom made design & spec.


Kindly contact / whatsapp to Mr.Patrick 012-6871391 for more information.

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